For anybody listening…

I have decided to start a blog mainly to support my goal of writing on a very regular basis. I plan to write on the topics that interest me, especially science, psychology, politics, social justice issues and the places where those topics intersect.

More broadly, I care a great deal about the world I that I inhabit. I very much want to make that world a better place for others. The power to communicate is a gift. I hope that I possess that gift in some small measure and can use it here to help effect the changes I believe will make my little corner of this planet a happier, more compassionate place.
I am under no illusion that anyone will ever read what I write here. If you have stumbled on this little blog, I hope it encourages you not only to think but also to act.

I close with a short verse from the Tao Te Ching:

“Nothing under heaven is softer or weaker than water

and yet nothing is better

for attacking what is hard and strong

because of its immutability”

43.1, 1-4


About cdnettles

I am an Ordained Buddhist Priest in the Tendai tradition with a PhD in Clinical Psychology including an emphasis in Community Psychology, I am interested in the using science individual behavior to improve the health and well-being of communities and populations.

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